Ojai Post Office Tower

Ojai Post Office Tower

Glad you stopped by.  If you are curious about all this whole food, plant-based, no oil stuff, you can do a little more exploring here.  I am hoping to provide some encouragement and enthusiasm, as well as shed a little light on the common myths surrounding the idea of eating vegan.   Hope you will look around, ask questions, give a little feedback if you like, and feel inspired to take at least baby steps to improve your health.

4 thoughts on “WELCOME!

  1. Woohoo! So glad you’re doing this! It’s gonna be great! Thank you for being the very first person who introduced me to the idea of eating whole-food/plant-based! My life has been forever changed!

    • Well, welcome to Ojai! Plant eaters are not hard to come by in this town, however, if you would like to increase the likelihood of running into some, there are three places I would start: Hip Vegan Cafe (open for lunch only), Rainbow Bridge (a market just behind Rains department store), or The Raw Food World (the warehouse is at 406 Bryant Circle on the east end of town).

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